The Legend of Theodore E. Bear

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Theodore E. Bear ("Teddy") has been protecting the world for almost 500 years. Being a creation of God's, he can't live forever, but God knows a life without Teddy Bear can't be good. So God asks Teddy to work with him. Together they create the perfect replacement. A bear to chase away scary bumps in the night, catch every tear, and provide daily hugs.

The LEGEND of THEODORE E. BEAR will transport you to easier times and relax your day as you read to your child. The paintings will encourage your mind to wonder and see what is in every treehouse and bush by the lake.


Annette Parkhurst has a Master's Degree in Education and lives in the suburbs of Austin, Texas where she has taught 9th grade geography for 12 years ... ever since God clarified His path for her. The Legend of Theodore E. Bear (“TEDDY”), in many ways, is her relationship with God, an on-going conversation with her Beloved Other filled with tears, instructions, battling fears and always laughter. She loves how God uses humor to hold her attention and instruct her. Annette lives with her Poodle (Quincy), grey cat (Fog) and loves watching the girls play.

Karen Baechle studied art before dedicating herself to family and ministry. Having raised her children, she is involved in social work locally. Teddy’s story has been a blessing for her. The work reignited Karen’s passion for art and creativity. Bringing Teddy to life visually is a labor of love.

The Legend of Theodore E. Bear, "Teddy Bear,"  has been decades in the making. It was originally written for a Baby Shower and I have always loved the story. There was much encouragement to turn it into a book. For year’s I played with the idea, but it wasn't until I met Karen and saw her amazing work that I seriously considered publishing a book. Karen’s paintings take the story into a sweet place of play and make believe where the reader can escape.

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